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Our Products


Alpine Compact Powered 8" Subwoofer System

The compact PWE-S8 amplified subwoofer system lets you add deep, accurate bass to your sound system without taking up much space in your vehicle

Small Footprint With A Strong Presence
With the PWE-S8, the high-excursion 8-inch subwoofer and 120W gives strong bass output.

More Bass, Less Space
With a shallow mount, the PWE-S8 is just 3-inches deep (at deepest point), 13.5-inches wide and 9-inches tall – completely application ready. This compact subwoofer system works well under or behind the seat of a pickup truck, in a sedan trunk, or in the hatch of an SUV.

Not Just Small And Strong, But Also Durable
The PWE-S8 Compact Subwoofer was designed in a cast metal construction for ultimate durability and performance.

Accessibility Catered To You
The side panel offers easy access to RCA and auto-sensing speaker inputs. The side panel also gives access to Phase, Gain, LP Crossover and Remote Sub Level controls for greater flexibility during installation.



  • Memphis Hybrid MClass
  • Class AB MClass
  • Class D MClass
  • Class AB Power Reference
  • Class D Power Reference
  • Memphis Reference
  • Street Reference

Power Reference Subs

  • 2” black anodized aluminum vented voice coil former
  • High-temp TIL voice coil former
  • Lightweight cone for increased efficiency
  • Improved suspension & coil design for PR15V2 models
  • Tough rubber top gasket
  • High-strength wide roll surround
  • Available in 10”, 12” and 15” sizes

Street Reference Subs

  • Butyl surround
  • IMPP cone
  • Oversized center pole vent
  • Gold plated screw terminals



Memphis Power Reference & Street Reference

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SR Amplifiers

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